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Our wine reflect progressive techniques tempered by respect for time-honored traditions.


Talk of winemaking began around our kitchen table during casual meetings with our clients. To our good fortune, the Ranch’s rolling hills and ideal location have proved as welcoming to grapes as they are to olives.

Glasses of wine from Antalya Olive Ranch's collection.
Antalya Olive Ranch wine paired with gourmet food.



We planted grapevines in 2014 in pursuit of wines that would complement our world-class extra virgin olive oil. We knew our very special parcel of land could produce something extraordinary if we were patient and deliberate in our plantings. In the early years, we experimented with different varietals, clones, and planting methods. This was part of our wine program evolution and the risk taking that is part of our DNA.


We now have five separate certified organic vineyards on 28 acres of land.


The deep connection between being a custodian of the land and crafting artisan wines is one that we respect and adhere to as we develop our wine programs. For us, this includes having an active, rich biodiverse environment. This is good for the grapes, our olive orchards, and us.


Our unique vineyard location in west Antalya's offers us distinct climate and varied soil types that are conducive to cultivating our estate plantings. The region’s microclimate guarantees that our vineyards are often shrouded in fog during the early morning hours and evenings, helping ensure steady, gradual fruit maturation. While the day’s temperature is pleasant, we experience dramatic diurnal swings with nighttime temperatures dipping low. Our site takes full advantage of this “wind tunnel” effect resulting in smaller vineyard yields, more moderate sugar levels, and grapes with optimum levels of acidity.

Our wine style reflects our home. We use native yeasts and farm several types of clones to bring out specific aspects in a wine’s flavor. We harvest our fruit with moderate sugar levels and use a combination of new and old French oak puncheons (500L barrels; 2.5 times larger than a regular barrel) as well as concrete and stainless steel tanks to lend character and texture without being overbearing. Our intention is to produce wines with an old world approach using the latest advances in farming.

Please e-mail us for the actually wine portfolio .

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