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Antalya Olive Ranch premium red wine bottle.
Antalya Olive Ranch's Premium Wine Inspired by Cappadocia

Subtle, yet powerful. Our red wines provide a plethora of flavors from berry to spice and balanced French oak seamlessly woven through the finish. A restrained elegance is the common thread. 

2022 RED WINE 

Our 2022 Red Wine Pinot Noir offers aromatics that lean towards dark fruit, spice, black tea, and peppercorn with fruity flavors on the palate. With soft tannins and a surprising freshness, this wine is even better when given a bit of time to breathe.

Decant a bottle and serve alongside steak seared with herbs and our Garlic Olive Oil, grilled chicken slathered with barbecue sauce, braised pork or lamb sliders.


Sourced from the Cappadocia Vineyard in the Nevsehir City, this wine opens with aromas of violets, peppercorns, black olive, an experience that blossoms further when the wine is allowed to breathe.


It is best served in a wide glass alongside your favorite earthy fare or grilled meats.

Drawing inspiration from the mystical and enchanting region of Cappadocia, our wine captures the essence of this extraordinary land. Known for its surreal landscapes, ancient history, and unique terroir, Cappadocia offers a magical backdrop that infuses every bottle with a sense of wonder and timeless beauty.

Small lot production of 40 cases.

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